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O interruptor o mais novo do isolador da CC 2018

Descrição do produto

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DC Isolator Switches  
KYT series DC Isolator Switches are applied to 1-20KW Inverter, Controller, DC Combiner Box, used for Residential or Commercial PV solar power system (on-grid/of-grid). Arcing time less than 3ms, that make PV solar system effectively disconnected.  
KYT.2-32 DC Isolator Switches  
• DIN Rail Mounting  
• KYT.2-32 Rated Voltage 1200V DC  
• Flame-Retardant  
• Arcing Time < 3ms  
• IEC60947*3  
• 4Potes(Single/Double Strings Available)  
• DC-21B:16A.25A.32A up to 1200V DC  
Etectrical Characteristics
Function Isolator, Control
Comply with IEC60947-3
Pole 4P
Max Rated Current 32A
Rated Working Voltage      Ue 1200V DC
Rated Current     In 16A/25A/32A
Rated Insulated Voltage     Ui 1200V DC
Rated Impulsed Voltage Uimp 8KV
Service Life/Cycle Operation 10 years
Mechanical 20000
Electrical 2000
Installation  Environment Diversified
Size of Terminal Screw M4
Tightening Torque 2.5
Maximum Cable Cross Sections 4-16
Ingress Protection IP40
Storage Temperature -5℃ ~ 80℃
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Grupo de Produto : Isolador e Interruptor

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